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Serena Cochran, RD (owner) 

The Full Story

Serena Cochran is a professional dietitian who is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. She has personal history of obesity, prediabetes, and autoimmune disease. Serena used nutrition and exercise to reverse her chronic health problems. She teaches others how to get the best out of life by making healthier choices. Throughout the years, her business has grown to provide weight loss coaching and nutrition counseling to people at low cost. Serena has special interest in anti-inflammatory diets, diabetes prevention, and weight loss. She believes that food and nutrition can be a source of great healing.

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What forms of payment does Serena Cochran RD take?

Don't have BCBS North Carolina insurance? No problem! Offering services up to 60% off for those who do not pay using insurance.

What is a Dietitian?

A dietitian is more than a nutritionist because they have completed a clinical internship and passed a board certified exam.

Will my health insurance cover Dietitian services?

Some insurances will pay all or a portion of dietitian services. Call your insurance provider for more information. In some cases your HSA may also cover services.

What is different about Serena Cochran RD?

Serena opened Grocery Store RD because she believes nutrition education starts at the source of food procurement and preparation. It should also be fun, not stressful!

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