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Affordable, holistic nutrition consultations 


-Meal planning

-Recipe development

-Nutrient analysis 

-Tailored grocery tours 

-Medical nutrition therapy


My services do not include an awkward meeting in a doctor's office. I will not give you a handout and send you on your way. Contact me only if you want to make long lasting lifestyle changes and have fun along the way! 
-Serena Cochran MS, RD, LD



Healthy Clients, Happy Clients

I am so glad I found Serena! She is intelligent, kind, and genuinely desires to improve your quality of life! She provided me with such helpful information about eating a balanced diet during and after pregnancy. Additionally, her professional advice and knowledge put me in tip top health for breastfeeding. My favorite part of our time together was the grocery store tour! She met me at my favorite grocery store, walked around all the aisles, and answered all my endless questions ! She offered suggestions for meal planning and taught me things about food labels that I never knew! I am so grateful to have her as a part of my team during pregnancy and beyond! Highly recommend!


This was my first time going on a grocery store tour and this experience was invaluable! I have watched a ton of nutrition/food documentaries recently and I still learned a great deal. Serena answered all of my questions and she backed up all of her answers with studies and past experience. She took the time to have a sit-down consultation before the tour and this helped a ton. Serena is compassionate, friendly, and so honest. I would highly recommend a consultation or grocery store tour with her!


I've had the pleasure of working with Serena for the last year or so and I can tell you that she is a extremely intelligent individual! She is awesome at what she does and she is caring and motivated to help you with whatever your fitness goals you may have. She is especially helpful if you have dietary restrictions as she has helped me formulate a diet even though I can't consume any dairy products. If you ever need advise on dieting, muscle-building, or just a lifestyle change, Serena Cochran, RD is the right person to talk to!



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